Tournament Report – Fishliver Oil 2019, Genoa – by Brother Ben

Hello friends, and welcome to another article from the Brothers of Fire. I will be emulating Svante’s recent style by keeping it short and sweet.

It is hard to imagine the Fishliver Oil Cup living up to the hype, but it really does. As always Megu, Francesco, Lorenzo, et al were the perfect hosts and made the international delegation feel so welcome. Thank you all so much.

I discovered the Spanish players like to photograph their food as much as their decks. This one is for Juan:

“An Englishman’s birthright” – to enjoy at an airport a cooked breakfast and a pint of beer.  

Magic the food. I was concerned that my flight landed less than an hour before round 1 at the famous lighthouse. However, it became clear we would be working to ‘Italian time’ so there was a good five-hour safety buffer. Registration went super-smoothly – it was the phenomenal buffet that distracted everyone. The pesto was just heavenly. Words cannot do it justice. This photo was taken a little too late to record the amazing meats, focaccia, wine, and snacks on offer.

Magic the beer. The atmosphere at the lighthouse was like a reunion. Great to see so many friends from around the world and be reminded what an awesome community we have in Old School. Sadly US legend James Burton suffered cancelled flights – you were missed James! The guys from the Netherlands were electric, thank you again for the beers!

Magic the gathering. Svante, Gordon, Magnus, Marc, and Christian were on top form.

Magic the swag. This year I got my playmat signed by Alban, received several badges, a sticker from Legion Urborg, and a giant fishliver towel.

Magic the trades. I have acquired the Beta Emerald at last! It constitutes a big step forward in my quest to black-border up my Power 9, courtesy of Mitja who patiently priced up my spare cards from the last 25 years.

Best of all, it makes a perfect addition to my Mono-G Brothers’ Highlander deck. Mitja and the Germans were great company all weekend – thanks for the sandwiches.

Magic the end. And so quickly it was all over. The British contingent was just me and the ever-cheery Bryan. Karl was with us in spirit. Other brothers were away in the US for Lobstercon, but that will be another article. Thanks again everyone for a perfect weekend.  Oh, and some great games of cards too.

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