Event Report – Keepers of the Flame I – by Brother Ben

The origins of this event date back, as many of the best things in life, to n00bcon. Sister Paul DS joined in the Brother’s Of Fire’s ‘Venarian Gold Social’, a ‘rest day’ pub crawl side event across Gothenburg. The event culminated in a now-legendary karaoke party.

But before that, we Orcish Squattered a few booths at a Hard Rock cafe where we kept the waitress happy by ordering a record number of beers.

With his embrace of our Brothers’ Highlander 100-card singleton format, we soon realised Paul was a kindred spirit, and the seeds were duly sown for a Brothers vs Sisters challenge.

Fast forward to the world a year later. We are frozen by lockdown and Brother Ben happened to meet Sister Charles at an online event. The idea of a team contest resurfaced and now it was viable, with everyone confined to webcam games and geographical barriers becoming irrelevant.

Charles rallied a horde of five sisters. Ben gathered five heroic brothers. The format was agreed: Atlantic card selection, round robin, best of one, 30 mins cap before a draw declared. We also agreed to Gentleman’s Rules as laid down by the Legion Urborg (no Mind Twist, no Library of Alexandria).

This format was intended to maximise interaction while keeping the whole event to a manageable length. With no sideboards, predicting the meta game and making the right pre-boarding decisions would help determine the winners.

Despite the presence of Gentleman’s Rules, we brothers didn’t want to risk bringing fists to a knife fight, so our decks lined up fairly spiky (with the exception of, er, a Kobold deck – Ed), although each of us committed to a touch of our homegrown flair:

The Sisters put together five great brews of their own:

After a few hours of drinking, Urza’s Chalice reunions, and top games, a result was achieved.

The Brothers of Fire magnanimously accepted the mantle of victory, donning celebratory Union Jacks. We look forward to receiving our prizes, some signed Sisters of the Flame cards (and hopefully jacket patches).

Spot the two uncool kids who didn’t get the encyclopedia for Christmas… in 1995

After the dust had settled upon this memorable victory, the Sisters were good enough sports to suggest that we reconvene for another iteration of this in the autumn (fall). We very much look forward to a re-match, especially given it’s a chance to lessen the sting of Brothers Of Fire’s heretofore lamentable performances in international competition (3 Ryder Cups competed for, 3 lost).

We’d love to stage a contest along similar lines with other clubs out there during the lockdown. The stakes will be the same – a set of signed victory cards. So if you fancy a fun three-hour bilateral series, please get in touch!

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