Major New Format Announcement

By Brother Jonas and Brother Stebbo

April 1, 2021. A new springtime season blooms. 

The Brothers Of Fire, London’s number one Old School fraternity, are pleased to announce a long-awaited development in the world of Old School.

Many of us got into Old School for the beauty of old cardboard, uncomplicated hangs, and the format’s unique spirit. But we all know that it isn’t these things that have kept us in love with it for all these years.

In fact, intricate new sub-formats, each more obtuse than the last, are the lifeblood of our community. They enrich it by stimulating financial speculation in new cardboard, shameless posturing over perceived barriers to entry, and loquacious tales concerning the format’s alleged origins.  

No-one entered Old School for it to stand still, like some relic of the past. COVID-19 has disastrously interrupted the flow of new ideas. So what we need now, more than ever, is innovation. 

Accordingly, the Brothers Of Fire have stepped into the breach with a new format – one which utilises a major untapped asset in the arsenal of every Old School mage. 

We proudly present:


Every Old School player knows the joy of the Mailday, as the postman’s sacred delivery hits the doormat and we eagerly unwrap the contents:

We think we know what lies inside this magical package. But even for a purchase that we have tracked all the way from foreign shores to our own gaming table, there is the element of the unknown:

The thoughtful card merchant here has included four additional cards as protection for this Dragon Whelp – all of which are new additions to my MAILDAY 50 collection.

The rules of MAILDAY 50 are simple – any card received in the mail that you did not specifically order is legal. Check out this sick pull that accompanied a copy of Preacher:

This sweet MAILDAY playset (per-card limit of 6) of Deeptread Merrows will go nicely into my five-colour MAILDAY Sligh deck.

With MAILDAY 50 – the joy is in the jeopardy – you could literally get anything. And it’s unlikely to be any good. But as they say: one man’s chaff, is another man’s chaff.

This Viashino might have some residual tape, from where it was used to help secure a more valuable card during transit. But it looks pretty punchy, once we can consult the oracle and figure out exactly what it does… 

Insel Inside

It goes without saying that it takes dedication to collect the lands for a serviceable MAILDAY 50 deck. This mono blue manabase is the culmination of a decade’s hard collecting. But nothing says job-well-done like these jarring aesthetics. 

Wait – wasn’t that printed before August 1993?!

MAILDAY 50 is all about innovation and playing with what you have. The legality of the A-7 Corsair is still under discussion, but it’s probably an Artifact Creature with Flying.

When a new format is created, a frequent topic of debate is invariably around card legality and the cost of obtaining a deck to play. Indeed it is natural in this world of instant gratification that people do not want to miss out on the hot new thing for any reason. Is Beta legal? Is Revised legal? Is my Gamma playtest Ancestral legal? [Editor: we have genuinely been asked that last one before…] 

One could say that a format based on maildays and the accumulation of cardboard is some elitist fantasy. Well, we have shrewdly anticipated these questions and have an innovative solution. To enable format diversity and access to new players, we have legalised those annoying inserts in boosters packs as basic lands! That’s right, you can “proxy” any of these as a basic of your choice. All Gamers Welcome! 

MAILDAY 50 rules recap:

  • Any card received in the mail that you did not specifically order is legal
  • Minimum 50 card deck
  • Booster inserts legal as basic lands
  • No CE/ICE   

MAILDAY 50 has been nurtured long enough in our club, and we are now ready to unleash this format on a WORLDWIDE basis. 

Stay tuned to our channel for regular updates to the Banned and Restricted list, unique opportunities to invest early in chase cards before the inevitable buyouts, and thoughtful and sober commentary on the upcoming World Championships.

Feel free to post below with your best MAILDAY 50 acquisitions and deck archetypes. 

STOP PRESS: Any player caught using more than one Strip Mine will receive a LIFETIME BAN from MAILDAY 50.

2 thoughts on “Major New Format Announcement

  1. Legendary idea!! I’ve been there and have many of these protector cards and usually I throw them in the bin or give them away. With MAILDAY50 they finally have a place!! I would love to hear about the banned list. Can I also play with any foils that come as wrappers for my OS trinkets?


  2. First Brother’s Highlander and now MAILDAY50, just outstanding! No legs before this wicket (as I assume the local saying is). As a bit of a gatekeeper and connoisseur, l also appreciate that you keep it classy by avoiding CE/IE proxies and rather legalize the underappreciated ad cards. Bee’s knees, this.


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