Brothers’ Highlander Rules Update v2.0 November 2022

The club’s house format, Brothers’ Highlander, is designed for relaxed play and the exploration of deep cuts in the format. Since its inception, we have been pleased to see it adopted far and wide.

The last rule change was back in 2019, and it was time for a refresh. Accordingly, I have consulted Brothers Ben and Stebbo in making some tweaks.

You can find the new rules at this web page:

I have always believed in the English phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so nothing huge has changed – this is the way that Old School should be. However, for those interested, here is an explanation of the key changes:

  • Ante cards have been officially banned (until someone invents Brothers’ Ante 50K!)
  • Several Controlled List values have been amended. Braingeyser now carries more points than Ancestral Recall, in line with Mg’s suggestion
  • Disintegrate has been given 3 points. As a proud red mage, I did this with heavy heart. But in the more “constructed” events that some people have played in the format, having access to both Disintegrate and Fireball didn’t seem fair.
  • Tetravus now carries one point, on the basis that as a solid artifact creature, it was too much of an auto-include in every deck, and threatened the presence of worthier cards such as Roc of Kher Ridges, Crimson Manticore, and Killer Bees.
  • We have instituted a Bonus List to reward the play of particularly “niche” cards. The initial list includes the Legends bandy-lands. (True format loyalists were already doing this, but we want everyone to experience the joy of these cards – and if that means we have to grease their palms with more Controlled Points, then the end justifies the means).
  • After petitioning from our good friend Aland, the ‘Who Goes First’ rule has been amended to recognise ‘semi-pimp’ reprintings, principally his beloved foreign black-bordered cards.

We hope the community enjoys these changes. Feedback is welcome.


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