Updates June 2020: Spectral Chaos and Ye Olde Rose and Crown appeal

Two housekeeping messages from the club:

  1. Spectral Chaos!

This ‘lost’ Magic expansion from the earliest days of the game has been lovingly restored in a passion project by US community member Micah aka RagingRiver. Although the cards never made it to production, Micah has collaborated with the original designer of the set to realise his vision, strictly as a tribute to show what it might have looked like (and not intended as a formal Magic release).

Full details of his exciting project are available at TheChaosOrb.com/SpectralChaos.

Various Old School blogs and communities are ‘spoiling’ cards from the release, and Brothers Of Fire is proud to be among them:

In tribute to the special historical bond between the UK and USA, we will be opening our pack on July 4th and posting the reveal video here. Stay tuned and be sure to check out other spoilings on social media.

2. Ye Olde Rose and Crown

The ongoing global pandemic has struck at the lifeblood of the Old School community, and has hit some of our iconic venues. Sweden has the Rotary Pub, Chicago has the Map Room, Boston has Moogy’s, and London has Ye Olde Rose and Crown, located in Walthamstow, the heart of the Brothers Of Fire.

Social distancing regulations have forced the pub to temporarily close its doors, and it is struggling with running costs. The owners have reluctantly launched a fundraising page to support the pub and we would like to encourage contributions to this worthy community organisation, so that it will continue to be there to host us with its refreshing range of English Real Ales once this is all over.

A link to their appeal is here.

Take care everyone – stay safe and remember to give one of your opponent’s creatures Forestwalk during your upkeep.

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